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Game Update Notes – February 22, 2017

02/21/2017 – February 21st Release Notes
Profession Skills
A note on target-cap increases: In this balance update, we’re increasing the target cap for a select number of skills and traits. When doing this, we must consider a variety of aspects, from game health to server performance. These changes are intended for the specific purpose of improving large-group compositions and to improve their general support capability. We’ll continue to monitor these changes as time goes on and will make changes as necessary. However, we will not be looking to increase our five-target-maximum standard for player skills and will seldom (if ever) increase existing skill/trait caps.
For the first time in a very long time, we’re changing what a specific combo finisher does. In the past, we made side steps from retaliation to a light aura that gives retaliation. In this update, we’ll be changing the blast finisher for light fields to directly remove conditions from nearby allies. The team will be analyzing the effects of this in each game type and will be following up with it if necessary.

Today’s Skill Balance Update is Live



Today’s skill balance update is live! You can read the complete release notes on our forums, and join the discussion thread to talk about the changes with members of our skill and balance team.

Mini Demmi Beetlestone is in the Gem Store!


What is with this city and rumors lately? “Queen Jennah’sblack-flag
really an illusion.” “Queen Jennah absorbs the lifeblood of
her people through the soles of her feet.” “Queen Jennah’s
got three heads and spits fire.” Queen Jennah’s just another
human politician. Big deal.

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The Head of the Snake is Live

The fourth episode of Living World Season 3, The Head of the Snake, is now live! You can visit the release page for more details and read the complete release notes on our forums.

As you play this release, consider adding information you find to the official wiki for the benefit of the Guild Wars 2 community! You can find information about how to edit an article or generally contribute to the wiki on this page.