Go Wild with Braham’s Bitterfrost Frontier Pack!

Well, well. Word has it that some young upstart crackedblack-flag
Jormag’s tooth in Hoelbrak. Any norn will tell you the one
who nicks it is supposed to be some great hero who’ll lead
them all to victory against the dragon. You want to know
what I think? When you let a piece of bone sit in a dry hall
while people throw things at it for over a hundred years,
something’s eventually going to give.

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a8451BrahamPackBraham’s Bitterfrost Frontier Pack

Here’s a deal worth howling over: a five-pack
bundle of Braham’s Wolfblood Outfit, Eir’s
Legacy Longbow, Mini Garm, a Total
Makeover Kit, and 5 Frost Dye Kits.



Braham’s Pauldrons0e46bBrahamPauldron

Make your armor combinations a little
wilder with these fearsome shoulderguards.



0a60cMiniWBBrahamKa-Braham! Returning Items

Don’t forget to pick up Braham’s Mace and
Shield skins, Mini Braham Eirsson, and the
Permanent Llama and Unicorn Finishers,
available for a limited time! Braham’s Heavy
Armor skin is also 20% off.


Available Now in the Gem Store!

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Braham’s Bitterfront Frontier Pack: 2000Gem
Braham’s Wolfbrood Pauldrons: 300Gem
Braham’s Mace Skin: 600Gem
Braham’s Shield Skin: 600Gem
Mini Braham Eirsson: 350Gem
Permanent Llama Finisher: 800Gem
Permanent Unicorn Finisher: 700Gem
Braham’s Heavy Armor Skin: 640Gem (20% Off 800Gem)