Mini Demmi Beetlestone is in the Gem Store!

What is with this city and rumors lately? “Queen Jennah’sblack-flag
really an illusion.” “Queen Jennah absorbs the lifeblood of
her people through the soles of her feet.” “Queen Jennah’s
got three heads and spits fire.” Queen Jennah’s just another
human politician. Big deal.

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6e8e0MiniDemmiMini Demmi Beetlestone

She’s a nice kid. Always says good morning
and never gives me any trouble. Wait until
she sees this miniature I commissioned of
her! I’ve got one set aside for her when she
gets back to Lion’s Arch, so if you see her, tell
her to drop by my office.


Romantic Items Return2a43eWings-of-Love

It’s that time of year. Show your hot stuff
some lovin’ with the Wings of Love Glider,
Romantic Gift Pack, and—for you folks
taking the big plunge—the Wedding
Preparation Package.


3321eGwenGwen’s Attire on Sale

It’s not Halloween, but I’m knocking 25% off
the price of this terrifying outfit anyway.
Dress up as Gwen the Goremonger and
scare your local fahrar into good behavior
for weeks.


Available Now in the Gem Store!

Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

Mini Demmi Beetlestone: 400Gem
Wings of Love Glider: 400Gem
Box of Chocolates: 250Gem
Bouquet of Roses: 250Gem
Wedding Preparation Package: 1560Gem
Gwen’s Attire: 525Gem (25% Off 700Gem)