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Game Update Notes – January 17, 2017

01/17/2017 – January 17th Release Notes
Lunar New Year

  • Come celebrate the year of the rooster in Divinity’s Reach!
    • Lunar New Year festivities have returned with the strong and trustworthy rooster.
    • Collect and open lucky envelopes to earn essences of luck, delicious foods, fireworks, valuable items, and a chance to find the new Lucky Great Rooster Lantern backpacks.
    • Speak to Phaedra in the Crown Pavilion to purchase very valuable Divine Lucky Envelopes.
    • Trade extra essences of luck to Fion in your guild hall to purchase Red Lantern decorations.
      • Red Lanterns can be used by scribes to craft one additional festive decoration.
  • Bash and kick your way to victory in the Dragon Ball arena!
    • Speak to Finolla in the Crown Pavilion to enter the arena and prove your mettle.
    • Win rounds to earn Tokens of the Dragon Ball Champion, which can be used to purchase extra Divine Lucky Envelopes.

Tyrian Travels: Chapter Six



At this year’s MomoCon, members of the Narrative Team hosted a panel on the fundamentals of narrative design for Guild Wars 2. With help from the audience, they created the basic concept for Vikki and her moa, Momo, who have left Rata Sum to explore more of Tyria. You can read all about them in previous chapters of their story.

Expand Your Shared Inventory Slots Today!


Hey, back to work! No, not you—I was talking to one of myblack-flag
employees. You give somebody a few days off for the
holiday, and they come back all out of it, every time. What,
you didn’t think I’d give them Wintersday off? I’m not a
total monster, you know.

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Game Update Notes – January 10, 2017

01/10/2017 – January 10th Release Notes
The festivities have ended. Join us again next year!
New Items and Promotions

  • Three additional shared inventory slots may now be purchased from the Upgrades category of the Gem Store for 700 gems each, or purchase all three for 1,890 gems. Each account can purchase up to 16 shared inventory slots at this time. This limit is not affected by the shared inventory slot provided with the Level-80 Boost.
  • The Bank Job Package containing 5 Black Lion Chest Keys, a Total Makeover Kit, a transmutation charge, a Bank Tab Expansion, and a Revive Orb is available for a limited time in the Services category of the Gem Store for 1,200 gems. Limit one per account.
  • The Arctic Explorer Outfit is available in the Style category of the Gem Store for 700 gems.
  • The Black Lion Chest “Delete” confirmation has been removed.