Have a Happy Halloween at the Black Lion Trading Company!

Ah, yes, it’s finally time for Lion’s Arch to have its annualblack-flag
candy-corn-fueled feeding frenzy while dancing around at
the whim of a dead king. As you might have gathered, I’m
not old Thorn’s biggest fan. A has-been with an out-of-
control ego who stomps around like he owns the place?
Who does he think he is? You’re only here one season out of
the year, pal—this city’s mine.

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e8b70Gargoyle-WeaponsGargoyle Weapon Set

Swing around these rock-solid weapons to
send your enemies screaming back to
their lairs.



Haunting New Eye Colorsf6198Eyes_10-17

All eyes will be on you when you swap out
your everyday color for these
creepy peepers.



c9798Mad_KingDon’t Look Now…Frightening Items Are Back!

Starting today, get your hands on the Mad
King’s Outfit, Mad King Dye Kit, Black
Feather Wings Backpack and Glider Set,
Ghoul Backpack and Mini Set, and Candy
Corn Gobbler Pack. Halloween miniatures
are available for 1 Black Lion Miniature
Claim Ticket.

Available Now in the Gem Store!

Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

Mad King’s Outfit: 700 Gem
Mad King Dye Kit: 125 Gem 5/500 Gem 25/2500 Gem
Black Wings Glider Combo: 700 Gem
Ghoul Backpack and Mini Set: 600 Gem
Candy Corn Gobbler Pack: 300 Gem