Furrocious Cat Ears and Returning Halloween Items in the Gem Store!

It seems like everyone’s adopting a stray cat or ten. I, uh…may have left out a little snack to see if one comes sniffing around. black-flagDon’t get me wrong—I’m not going soft! I could just use a few good mousers for the vaults, that’s all. Now, do me a favor and shake this jingly ball while you browse.

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69492Cat_EarsFurrocious Cat Ears

Don this fuzzy helm, and some of you will
finally have four ears. Charr will always be
one pair ahead, with a total of six ears.
Tough break, I know, but that’s life.



Spooky Items Rise
from the Vaults!7ad16YoungPrince_and-ScarecrowFi

I’ve unpacked even more of our Halloween
stock. The Bloody Prince’s Outfit is back,
along with the Scarecrow Finisher, Bone
Pick, Tireless Harvesting Minion, and Tireless
Logging Minion. Also, the Grenth Hood is
20% off until next week!

Available Now in the Gem Store!

Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

Furrocious Cat Ears: 400 Gem
Bloody Prince’s Outfit: 700 Gem
Permanent Scarecrow Finisher: 500 Gem
Bone Pick: 1000 Gem
Tireless Harvesting Minion: 1000 Gem
Tireless Harvesting Logging Minion: 1000 Gem
Grenth Hood: 400 Gem (20% Off 500 Gem)