Bloodstone Weapons, Peacock Scepter, and Mini Garm in the Gem Store

My anniversary sale is on right now, but I’ve still got someblack-flag
brand-new items in stock! Keep checking the Black Lion
Trading Company through August 28 for discounts and
returning items, and get them while the getting’s good.

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Peacock Scepter

This luxurious weapon was traditionally
carried by mesmers to enhance their chaos
magic, but as long as you know what you’re
doing with a scepter, it’s yours. Some people
associate peacocks with wrathfulness, which
makes a lot of sense if you’ve ever been
chased by one.

Bloodstone Weapon Setb1b26Bloodstone

Repeat after me: “Inspired by bloodstone.” I
don’t want any more investigators in here
giving me the stink eye. Do you think I’d sell
weapons made of actual bloodstone? I don’t
even allow the dust on the trading post! The
deep red is a good look, though—very classy.

5fb57Garm_MiniMini Garm

I heard Eir Stegalkin’s wolf dragged himself
all the way back from the scene of her death,
so that’s supposed to be some kind of sign. I
don’t buy into superstition, but you can tote
this little good-luck companion with you
wherever you go. Not guaranteed to work in
the jungle, obviously.

The Anniversary Sale Continues!

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Available Now in the Gem Store!

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Peacock Scepter: 600 Gem

Mini Garm: 350 Gem