It’s the Anniversary Sale in the Gem Store!

It’s been four years since I first laid eyes on your shining
faces, and I figure we should do a little something to
celebrate. From now through August 28, keep a close eye on
the Black Lion Trading Company for limited-time deals,
discounts, and returning items. It’s a once-a-year blowout,
so if you see that special something you’ve been waiting for,
don’t let it slip through your hands!black-flag

I’m starting this party off right by bringing back the Lunatic
Guard Outfit and Flame and Frost Dye Kits for two days
only. Enjoy the convenience of the Merchant Express for
50% off, Caithe’s Bloom Dagger for 20% off, and the Exalted
Glider at 15% off. Check back every day—you never know
what I’ll dig out of the vaults or slash prices on.

Oh, and happy anniversary.

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