Storm Bow and Emissary’s Staff in the Gem Store

I see you eyeing that fancy new weapon, asking yourself,black-flag
“How long until it goes out of fashion?” The good news is
that trends are a cycle, and sooner or later—maybe in five
years, maybe in two hundred and fifty years—it’ll be nostalgic. It’ll be
timeless. It’ll be the kind of thing people
wish they still had hanging around in the back of their
wardrobes. So take the plunge.

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Storm Bow

Frighten your foes with thunderbolts and
lightning*! The privateer I bought the
schematic from claimed the original weapon
came directly from the realms of the human
gods, but if I had a piece of silver for every
time I’d heard that line, I’d buy Southsun
Cove. It’s plenty sparkly, though.

Emissary’s Staff4fb46Emissary_Staff

Legends tell of the envoys—people who
mucked up so badly in life that they’re
forced to spend eternity shepherding souls
to the Mists. Has anyone tipped these
slackers off to Ascalon? Yeah, that’s what I
thought. Anyway, get a jump start on your
Halloween costume with this genuine,
imitation-replica Emissary’s Staff.

Available Now in the Gem Store!

Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

*The Black Lion Trading Company is not liable for injury or death incurred by the use of the Storm Bow. Ensure that you are holding the Storm Bow properly, and do not attempt to destabilize the elemental subjection agent. Avoid bringing your Storm Bow into contact with water, lamp oil, ectoplasm, or necromantic magic.

Storm Bow: 600 Gem

Emissary’s Staff: 600 Gem