White Mantle Appearance Pack and Focused Solar Logging Tool in the Gem Store

Kryta’s got a love-hate relationship with the White Mantle. Iblack-flag
can’t really blame them—first the Mantle stepped in to
wipe Kryta’s collective noses, and then they turned out to
be a totalitarian cult. But the pendulum of public opinion is
always swinging, and whether you think of the Mantle as
Kryta’s saviors or as its oppressors, the Black Lion Trading
Company’s got you covered. This week’s glider and outfit
are also available as an appearance pack, which comes
complete with your choice of an Immortal weapon skin, a
Total Makeover Kit, and 5 Black Lion Chest Keys.

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e2770WM_OutfitWhite Mantle Outfit

Pick up a genuine replica White Mantle
Outfit for your next garden party! These are
all the rage with the Krytan nobility…but
you didn’t hear that from me.



White Mantle Glider3c6d6WM_Glider

Accessorize with this themed glider, and
convince your most gullible friends that the
Unseen Ones granted you the power of



7d5c2Solar_LoggerFocused Solar Logging Tool

Shine a light on the truth, torment
unbelievers with the fires of justice, or just
use our patented convex lens to harness the
sun’s rays as a logging tool. While you’re at it,
grab our popular Cosmic Mining Tool at
%15 off throughout the week!


Available Now in the Gem Store!

Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

White Mantle Outfit: 700 Gem

Focused Solar Logging Tool: 1000 Gem

Cosmic Mining Tool: 850 Gem

White Mantle Appereance Pack: 2000 Gem