It’s Skritt Week at the Black Lion Trading Company

Ah, skritt. I’ve had to add extra guards toblack-flag
the vaults to protect my inventory from their insatiable urge to collect
shiny objects. I don’t want to be too hard on the little
furballs, though—you’d be surprised what they’re willing to
part with from their hoards for a lump of topaz. Why, not
too long ago, I—hey! Get back here with those Chaos
Gloves! Security!

Evon signature




7ba55GlitterbombGlitter Bomb Harvesting Tool

Ahem. As I was saying, skritt can be useful if
you take advantage of their natural
tendencies. Just toss a handful of glitter
where you want your new friend to dig, then
reap the rewards.


Home Gathering Node Pack9a3d1Home_Node_Gathering_Pack

Fill out your own hoard with this efficient
pack of harvesting nodes! Get 20% off the
regular price of the Basic Mining Nodes,
Basic Logging Nodes, Basic Harvesting
Nodes, Basic Leather Rack, and Basic Cloth
Rack when you buy them as a set. The pack
only includes nodes you haven’t bought, so
I’ll adjust the price accordingly.

d77f8Crystal_OutfitsCrystal-Encrusted Fashion Comeback

If you missed the Crystal Arbiter
Appearance Pack, now’s your chance to grab
it. We’re also putting the Crystal Savant and
Crystal Nomad outfits on sale for a limited
time. Just steer clear of skritt.


Check the Black Lion Trading Company store every day this week to see what else they’ve gotten into!

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Glitter Bomb Harvesting Tool: 1000 Gem

Crystal Nomad Outfit: 525 Gem

Crystal Savant Outfit: 595 Gem