Additional Shared Inventory Slots, Spectral Weapon Collection, Sentinel Outfit, and More in the Gem Store!

The Sentinels are our first line of defense against Brandedblack-flag
threats. Dragon minions become more aggressive and
dangerous every day. The Black Lion Trading Company
believes in supporting those who defend us. I’ve
commissioned the Sentinel Outfit for these brave soldiers,
and now I’m offering you the chance to acquire one of these
outfits for yourself. And for those who believe a good
offense is the best defense, we also have a new weapon set!

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Sentinel Outfit

Originally commissioned for the Sentinels,
this armored outfit is imbued with pure ley-
line energy. The color of this energy is
affected by dye!



Spectral Weapon Set00f0bSpectral_crop

This weapon set has spectral energy woven
into the weapon itself. Scare the soul out of
your foes with the Spectral Weapon




Black Lion Chest Updates!

  • The Endless Repair Canister item has been added as a very rare reward.
  • Zodiac, Chaos, and Balthazar weapon skins have been added as very rare rewards.
  • All common, individual combat boosters have been combined into a single Enchanted Combat Boost that allows players to choose their combat boost.
  • The drop rate of Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps has been slightly increased.
  • Some rare stand-alone miniatures have been removed and replaced with a new Black Lion Miniature Claim Ticket containing new miniatures to choose from.
  • The current exclusive dye kits have been swapped out for the Winter Chimes, Toxic, Metallurgic, Taimi’s, and Mad King dye kits.
  • Increased the amount of Revive Orbs awarded to 2.
  • Instant Repair Canisters, Boxes o’ Fun, and Mystery Tonics that aren’t endless have all been removed from the chest.

Available Now in the Gem Store!

Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

Sentinel Outfit: 700 Gem