Astralaria 1: The Device


To start your journey in making the Legendary Precursor The Device and perhaps the Legendary Astralaria afterwards, you will have to perform various tasks.
You will start with the first tier precursor for building The Device.

Total costs: 5 Gold_coin and 11.851 Karma

First you have to unlock the, Astralaria 1: The Device Collection, you will need to have the first line trained in The Legendary Crafting Mastery to be able to buy the required item to start.


When you have the first line completed you are allowed to speak with Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs [Legendary Crafting].

Go to Trader’s Forum Waypoint [&BBAEAAA=] and walk West, speak with Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs [Legendary Crafting] and buy the, Astralaria Vol. 1 for 5 Gold_coin and 10,003 Karma.


1: The first item needed for our collection is: Orrian Celestial Codex.

“Found in the chest at the end of Buried Archives jumping puzzle in Cursed Shore”.

Go to Shipwreck Rock Waypoint [&BOQGAAA=] and walk North/West, you will get the Orrian Celestial Codex from the chest in the final area of the Buried Archives jumping puzzle.


2: The next item for our collection is: Rising Stars.

“Discover and read “Rising Stars,” the ancient jotun astronomy book in the Durmand Priory library in Lornar’s Pass”.

Go to Durmand Priory Waypoint [&BOkAAAA=] and walk North, here you will find the intance the Durmand Priory on your left.


After entering the instance walk a bit north and then turn right, you will find the book “Rising Stars” inside a Bookshelf at the north east corner of the Priory Archives. Interact with the book “Rising Stars” and select “Take notes”.


3: Ponder the World.

“Ponder the world map on the floor of the Chamber of Ministers in Divinity’s Reach”.

Go to Ministers Waypoint [&BP4EAAA=] and walk North, when reaching The Upper City Area walk up South, stand on the world map located on the floor of the Chamber of Ministers and write /ponder.


4: Mini Holographic Zinn.

“Obtained from completing the Zinn Study Guide achievement”.

Go to Rata Novus Waypoint [&BAMIAAA=] and walk South, see the map on how to get there.

When you reach this location interact with the Zinn’s Study Guide, this will give you the item Zinn’s Study Guide [&AgFELAEA], which is also the first item for the Zinn’s Prize Student Collection.


Close to the Zinn’s Study Guide you will also find the Zinn’s Print-o-Matic. Here you can buy several items for 25 Ley Line Crystals each. Keep note that you can only purchase 1 item every day.
After you’ve bought all the items the Zinn’s Prize Student collection will be completed.


5: Oola’s Study on Ancient Magic.

“Found in the treasure room of Old Oola’s Lab in the Akk Wilds of Metrica Province”.

Go to Cuatl Waypoint [&BLIEAAA=] and walk South, here you will find a Matrix Imprint Lock insert a Energy Crystal 40px-Energy_Crystal (Drops from any monster in Metrica Province) this will start the event which will open the door.


If you dont have a crystal/not want to farm for it, you can take a bypass by using a leap skill or gliding off the rock next to the door.


You will get the item Oola’s Study on Ancient Magic from the chest in the final area of the Old Oola’s Lab mini-dugeon.


6: Timeworn Forgotten Parchment.

“Found in an Exalted chest within the trail rooms of Tarir, the Forgotten City of Auric Basin”.

Go to Forgotten City Waypoint [&BMYHAAA=] and walk down, you will recieve the Timeworn Forgotten Parchment from any of the chests (to open these you will need a Exalted Key) behind the door which will open after the Group Event “Slay the Octovine”. (Killing just 1 octovine will open the first door which is already enough for this)


7: Timeworn Forgotten Tablet.

“Attained from the Fallen Masks adventure in the Forgotten City of Auric Basin by reaching a rank of silver or better”.

Go to Forgotten City Waypoint [&BMYHAAA=] and walk North, see the map on how to get there. Play the Fallen Mask adventure, getting the bronze reward will already be enough for this even though the hint tells that silver is needed.


8: Dwarven Runestones Vol. 1.

“Found in the treasure-room chest within the Forsaken Halls of Dredgehaunt Cliffs”.

Go to Wyrmblood Waypoint [&BGUCAAA=] and walk West, (when the door is open you can just walk in and skip the door/book part) interact with the Sealed Dwarven Door and select “Read the note on the door”.


Now go to Travelen’s Waypoint [&BGQCAAA=] and walk West, inside the building interact with the 3 books laying around Gerrvid, after that you can interact with Gerrvid and select “I solved the dwarven riddle”.


A event will start follow Gerrvid and complete the mini-dugeon you will get the Dwarven Runestones Vol. 1 from the chest in the final area of the Forsaken Fortune mini-dugeon .


9: Dwarven Runestones vol. 2.

“Found in the chest in the Tomb of Blackpowder within Kapellenburg in Dredgehaunt Cliffs”.

Go to Steelbrachen Waypoint [&BFsCAAA=] and walk South and then East into the cave, interact with the door to open it (requires  a Dwarven Key,  which is a random drop from foes in Dredgehaunt Cliffs) and complete the Event “Slay the destroyer troll released from the tomb”. (When the gate is open a Dwarven Key wont be required) You will get the Dwarven Runestones vol. 2 from the chest.


10: Omadd’s Lost Notes.

“Search Omadd’s Machine within the Cavern of Shining Lights of Dry Top to find his notes”.

Go to Vine Bridge Waypoint [&BIYHAAA=] and walk South, when reaching Cavern of the Shining Light walk West, stand as close as you can to Omadd’s Machine, you will then get a pop-up, select “Take them”.


11: Leaning Grade Runestone Rubbing.

“Take a rubbing of one of the jotun runestones near Leaning Grade in Dredgehaunt Cliffs”.

Go to Steelbrachen Waypoint [&BFsCAAA=] and walk North, interact with the Ancient Runestone and select “Create a stone rubbing”.


12: Ghost Stones Runestone Rubbing.

“Take a rubbing of the jotun runestone in the Ghost Stones in Dredgehaunt Cliffs”.

Go to Wyrmblood Waypoint [&BGUCAAA=] and walk South inside the cave, interact with the Ancient Runestone and select “Create a stone rubbing”.


13: Heimdahl’s Stand Runestone Rubbing.

“Take a rubbing of the jotun ronestone monument near Heimdahl’s Last Stand in Dredgehaunt Cliffs”.

Go to Steelbrachen Waypoint [&BFsCAAA=] and walk South, interact with the Ancient Runestone and select “Create a stone rubbing”.


14: Azabe Qabar Gravestone Rubbing.

“Take a rubbing of the ancient tablet in the Azabe Qabar, Royal Tombs in Cursed Shore”.

Go to Meddler’s Waypoint [&BB4DAAA=] and walk East, interact with the Inscribed Casket [Hero Challenge] and select “Create a stone rubbing”.


15: Pouch of Jotun Runestones.

“Offered for purchase by Albin Chronicler in Wayfarer Foothills ater succesfully helping trade with the jotun tribe”.

Go to Twinspur Haven Waypoint [&BH0BAAA=] and walk Nort/West, speak with Albin Chronicler and purchase the 2nd item “Pouch of Jotun Runestones” for 1848 Karma.


16: Primeval Runescroll.

“Search the buried chests of Dry Top once they have been uncovered during a sandstorm”.

Go to Dry Top Entry Waypoint [&BIAHAAA=] and walk West, you will get the Primeval Runescroll from any buried chest.(Chests are only visible during sandstorms, starts at XX:40 server time)

Sandstorm will be up in:


17: Mists Knowledge Crystal.

“Found in the Cliffside Fractal chest”.

You will get this item from the end chest inside the Cliffside Fractal (Scale 7).


18: Ancient Royal Runescroll.

“Found in the chest deep withing King Jalis’s Refuge in Snowden Drifts”.

Go to Reaver’s Waypoint [&BMAAAAA=] and walk North, you will get this item from the chest in the final area of the King Jalis’s Refuge jumping puzzle.


19: Deliver Notes to Ogden Stonehealer.

“After completing your collection of ancient knowledge, speak with Ogden in the Durmand Priory library about your findings so that he may continue with research of his own”.

Go to Durmand Priory Waypoint [&BOkAAAA=] and walk North, here you will find the intance the Durmand Priory on your left.


After entering the instance walk North interact with the Office Door to open it. Speak with Ogden and select “I have some notes I’d like you to look over”.



3 Achievement Points, Chest of Ancient Knowledge.

This chest contains the recipe to craft The Device (First Tier), which requires Artificer (450), Huntsman (450) or Weaponsmith (450).
And a 20px-Essence_of_the_End Essence of Ancient Knowledge.

To craft the required items you will need the following materials:

The Device [&CQ8sAAA=] Requires:

  • 1 20px-Experimental_Axe_Blade Experimental Axe Blade
  • 1 20px-Experimental_Axe_Haft Experimental Axe Haft
  • 1 20px-Legendary_Inscription Legendary Inscription
  • 1 20px-Essence_of_the_End Essence of Ancient Knowledge

20px-Experimental_Axe_Blade Experimental Axe Blade [&CcotAAA=] Requires:

  • 15  20px-Deldrimor_Steel_Ingot Deldrimor Steel Ingot
  • 50 20px-Memory_of_Battle Memory of Battle
  • 50 20px-Shard_of_Glory Shard of Glory

20px-Experimental_Axe_Haft Experimental Axe Haft [&CWstAAA=] Requires:

  • 10  20px-Spiritwood_Plank Spiritwood Plank
  • 50 20px-Memory_of_Battle Memory of Battle
  • 50 20px-Shard_of_Glory Shard of Glory

20px-Legendary_Inscription Legendary Inscription [&CcooAAA=] Requires:

  • 10 20px-Glob_of_Ectoplasm Glob of Ectoplasm
  • 5  20px-Pile_of_Crystalline_Dust Pile of Crystalline Dust
  •  20px-Orichalcum_Plated_Dowel Orichalcum Plated Dowel
  • 10 20px-Elonian_Leather_Square Elonian Leather Square