Kraitkin 1: The Experimental Trident


To start your journey in making the Legendary Precursor Venom and perhaps the Legendary Kraitkin afterwards, you will have to perform various tasks.
You will start with the first tier precursor for building Venom.

Total costs: 5 Gold_coin and 10,003 Karma.

First you have to unlock the, Kraitkin 1: The Experimental Trident Collection you will need to have the first line trained in The Legendary Crafting Mastery to be able to buy the required item to start.


When you have the first line completed you are allowed to speak with Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs [Legendary Crafting].

Go to Trader’s Forum Waypoint [&BBAEAAA=] and walk West, speak with Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs [Legendary Crafting] and buy the Kraitkin Vol. 1 for 5 Gold_coin and 10,003 Karma.


Now use the item and you will have the collection unlocked.

1: The first item needed for our collection is: Reef Rider Tentacle.

“Harvested from the Reef Riders of Southsun Cove”.

Go to Pearl Islet Waypoint [&BNUGAAA=] and walk West, you will get this item as drop from Reef Riders in this region.


2: The next item for our collection is: Breeze Rider Tentacle.

“Harvested from the Breeze Riders of Maguuma Jungle and Ascalon”.

Go to Caer Astorea Waypoint [&BDYBAAA=] and walk West, you will get this item as drop from Breeze Riders in this region.


3: Dune Soarer Tentacle.

“Harvested from the Dune Soarer in Dry Top”.

Go to Prosperity Waypoint [&BBAEAAA=] and walk South, use a Aspect of the Wind Crystal to get to the other side West, you will get this item as drop from the Dune Soarer (Champion).  (Keep note the Group Event “Slay the rare creature” has to be active, only during sandstorms) 

Dune Soarer will be up in:


4: Wind Rider Tentacle.

“Harvested from the Wind Riders of the Maguuma Wastes and Ascalon”.

Go to Fangfury Watch Waypoint [&BEwBAAA=] and walk East/South inside the cave, you will get this item as drop from Breeze Riders in this region.


5: Irukandji Tentacle.

“Harvested from the Irukandji of the Solid Ocean Fractal”.

You will get this item as drop from Irukandji (Veteran) inside the Solid Ocean Fractal (Scale 20).


6: Jellyfish Tentacle.

“Harvested from common Jellyfish of Central Tyria”.

Go to Mabon Waypoint [&BDoBAAA=] and walk South, you will get this item as drop from Frenzied Wave Riders in this region.


7: Arctic Jellyfish Tentacle.

“Harvested from the Arctic Jellyfish of Frostgorge Sound, Snowden Drifts, and Lornar’s Pass”.

Go to Exile Waypoint [&BLwAAAA=] and swim North, you will get this item as drop from Arctic Jellyfish in this region.



3 Achievement Points, Chest of Tentacles.

This chest contains the recipe to craft Venom (First Tier), which requires Artificer (450), Huntsman (450) or Weaponsmith (450).
And a 20px-Essence_of_Tentacles Essence of Tentacles.

To craft the required items you will need the following materials:

Carcharias Experiment [&CcwtAAA=] Requires:

  • 1 20px-Experimental_Trident_Head Experimental Trident Head
  • 1 20px-Experimental_Trident_ShaftExperimental Trident Haft
  • 1 20px-Legendary_Inscription Legendary Underwater Inscription
  • 1 20px-Essence_of_Tentacles Essence of Tentacles

20px-Experimental_Trident_Head Experimental Trident Head [&CXYnAAA=] Requires:

  • 1 20px-Deldrimor_Steel_Ingot Deldrimor Steel Ingot
  • 5 20px-Memory_of_Battle Memory of Battle
  • 5 20px-Shard_of_Glory Shard of Glory

20px-Experimental_Trident_Shaft Experimental Trident Haft [&CaQqAAA=] Requires:

  • 1  20px-Spiritwood_Plank Spiritwood Plank
  • 5 20px-Memory_of_Battle Memory of Battle
  • 5 20px-Shard_of_Glory Shard of Glory

20px-Legendary_Inscription Legendary Underwater Inscription [&CdMqAAA=] Requires:

  • 1 20px-Glob_of_Ectoplasm Glob of Ectoplasm
  • 5  20px-Pile_of_Crystalline_Dust Pile of Crystalline Dust
  •  20px-Orichalcum_Plated_Dowel Orichalcum Plated Dowel
  • 1 20px-Elonian_Leather_Square Elonian Leather Square