Every Day Sale in the Month of March!

There’s more than just gliders in the air this month. Ablack-flag
definite scent of spring is near, so we’re cleaning house
around the Black Lion Trading Company all this month.
Every day will bring one or more different sales of existing
and returning items.

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e3940SolsticeGrab Your Winter Wardrobe Items Soon!

As the winter season thaws, we’ll be putting
away some of our winter styles until next
fall. You have one week left to grab the
Winter Solstice Appearance Pack; Snowflake
Glider; Frost Wasp Logging Tool; any of the
Zodiac, Krytan, Primeval, or Profane armor
skins; and a selection of headgear skins,
including earmuffs. Check the Promotions
and Style categories in the Gem Store for a
full list.

Sales Every Day in March3e1f510-Scarlet-Gear

While I was going over the inventory, I found
a whole pile of boxes that haven’t been
opened, so I’ve decided to hold a special sale
every day for one month. I have everything
from home instance upgrades to
memorabilia from the war with
Scarlet—even a few things I’d thought we’d
lost forever!


56be3Molten-Alliance-Pick_2Returning Items—Check Back Each Day!

There’s no telling what might be dug up
from the depths of Black Lion history, so
be sure to check in every day as many
items and sales will only be available for
one day.



Available Now in the Gem Store!

Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!