Electromagnetic Descender, Crystal Savant Outfit, and Belinda’s Greatsword in the Gem Store!

Heroes are sometimes glorified for their successes or blamedblack-flag
for failures. They see problems in the world and try to solve
them. The world is dangerous, but there are those who are
willing to stand up and act. Those heroes must be beacons
for the rest. This week we have items to make you a beacon
of hope.

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7218dElectro_GliderElectromagnetic-Descender Glider

Leverage one of the fundamental forces of
the universe to sail through the air, emitting
powerful chaotic energy as you go.



Crystal Savant Outfit2df8fCrystal-Savant

This outfit barely contains the power
coursing through it. Any color you dye this
outfit with will glow with an intimidating



f7a80Belindas_GreatswordBelinda’s Greatsword

Our tribute to a loyal soldier returns. This
elegantly curved greatsword is precisely
honed and extremely deadly.



Available Now in the Gem Store!

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