Hawk Wings Backpack and Glider, Nature’s Oath Outfit, and Miniature Zintl Cavalier in the Gem Store!

Here at the Black Lion Trading Company, we tend to preferblack-flag
machines and steel, but this week we have a special treat for
you more nature-focused adventurers. Find your inner wild
side with these offerings below!

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Hawk Wings Backpack and Glider

Soar through the air on these streamlined
hawk wings with the Hawk Wings Glider
Skin or show them off on the ground with
the Hawk Wings Backpack Skin.



Nature’s Oath Outfit8cb45Natures-Oath

Show your deep connection to nature with
this brambly outfit! Outfits are full-body
costumes that hide your currently equipped
armor, but don’t worry: your actual armor
will continue to protect you.



Mini Zintl Cavalier

We charr may have tanks, helicopters,
cannons, and printing presses, but the Itzel
sure know how to tame a beetle. This fierce
beetle-riding miniature will follow you
around wherever you roam!


Available Now in the Gem Store!

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