Donation Drive Orphans Map + How to get the most out of it


The picture will shows the locations where the 30 Orphans are located.

To get the most out of it granting a total of 120.000+Karma
You will need the following:

1: 50% Karma Bonus [&B/soAAA=] This effect is gained from Karma Boosters, Communal Boost Bonfires, and Kite Fortunes.

2: Guild Karma Boost Banner 5% [&B78DAAA=] This effect is gained from Guild Karma Banners.
Or 10% [&BxNFAAA=] This effect is gained from Guild Karma and Experience Banners and Guild Heroes Banners.

3: Guild Karma Boost, depending on your Guild Hall upgrades this can go up to 10%.

4: Nourisment which is: The Birthday Blaster [&AgGRBQEA] which will give 10% or the new food Tropical Pepperment Cakes/Scoops of Mintberry Swirl Ice Cream/Peppermind Omnomberry Bars.

5: Utility Food which is: The new ones Tuning Icicles/Peppermind Oils/Tins of Fruitcake which will give 10%

6: Candy Canes which will give 10%.

7: Winter’s Blessing which will give 10%.

8: Karmic Infusion [&AgGkmQAA] will give 15%.

9: Volunteer’s Blessing [&B8JjAAA=] will give 5% and is a reward for volunteering to switch to a more populated map when the current instance is being cleared out.

10: Account Achievement Bonus, the amount of +% karma bonus of this depends on your amount of Achievement Points.

Total: +130%+Account Bonus% karma gain.