Snowflake Glider, Exalted Mail Carrier, and Wintersday Wreath Backpack in the Gem Store!

Our Wintersday festival is just around the corner! This week,black-flag
we’re catering to all of you who believe in the magic of this
event with three special items. We’re also bringing back a
host of Wintersday classics with two outfits and eight minis!

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Wintersday Wreath

Hang the spirit of Wintersday on your back
with the Wintersday Wreath Backpack! This
backpack skin can be applied to any



Exalted Mail Carrier36231Exalted-Mail-Carrier

We’ve collaborated with our powerful allies
in the jungle to deliver your mail in style.
Send an Exalted to a friend when you send
them mail!



fb682GliderSnowflake Glider

Your friends will stare in wonder when you
equip this magical glider made of millions of
snowflakes! Can you feel the Wintersday



Available Now in the Gem Store!

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