Mini Angry Chest & Mini Red Spark Guide


1. Buy the 20px-Mini_Angry_Chest Mini Angry Chest [&AgFaEgEA] from the gemstore for 400 Gem.
Use it and add it to your account wardrobe.

2. Go to Trader’s Forum Waypoint [&BBAEAAA=] and talk to Evon Gnasblade inside The Vault of Lion’s Arch. You can only interact with him when hes behind his desk.


3. Go to Rana Landing Complex Waypoint [&BEMAAAA=] and talk to Krepet, hes wandering circles around Brill Alliance Labs. Interact with him to proceed.


4. Go to Lostvyrm Cave Waypoint [&BMEDAAA=] and walk North, kill Veteran Frostblast.

This will give you a status Hyperchill, “Race to Maelstrom’s Core before your body warms up. Step into the flowing lava with your angry chest to open it”.

You will have 5 minutes for this.


5. Go to Firebreak Fort Waypoint [&BMoCAAA=] and walk South/East, Step into the lava and stay inside for a few seconds.

You will then get a message saying: “With a loud creak, the angry chest opens”.
Inside the angry chest is a 20px-Mini_Red_Spark mini red spark [&AgFNLgEA].