Be Battle Ready with the Venom Warblade and Elite Reinforcements Package


Venom Warblade


Display your warning colors with this intimidating sword skin. We recommend wearing gloves while handling it—and whatever you do, don’t lick it.

Look Sharp with a Sunspear Glider


Sunspear Glider


If you’re in the market for something classy and elegant, but you also want to strike fear into the hearts of the Mordant Crescent, this glider is for you. Even if you need to regroup before attempting to raid the Great Hall again, you’ll still put the loyalists’ fashion sense to shame.

PvP League Season 12 Begins on June 12



Cool off this summer by putting your enemies on ice! PvP League Season 12 begins on June 12, and will end on August 8.

Game Update Notes: June 5, 2018

06/05/2018—June 5 Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue in which the Hero panel would not dynamically update when switching equipment.
  • Fixed a bug that caused one of the human female faces to ignore all customization options.


Bastion of the Penitent

  • Deimos will no longer apply permanent Revealed to all players at the start of the encounter.