Game Update Notes: May 22, 2018

World Polish

  • Bloodtide Coast: The prisoner in the “Free an Order of Whispers agent from pirates” event now properly appears in his cage.
  • Crystal Desert: Fixed a bug in which hydra heads could appear in midair in areas with varied terrain Heights.

Start a Fire in the Elonian Elementalist Outfit


Elonian Elementalist Outfit


If you think mesmers dominate the Tyrian fashion scene, prepare to be shocked—this earthshaking outfit will keep you feeling cool and looking hot all summer long.

Choya Logging Tool and Updated Evon Gnashblade Decorative Package


Choya Logging Tool


What’s the worst thing you can think of? Is it a choya with an axe? What if the choya was your choya, wielding its axe in your employ? Turn your nightmares into dreams with this user-safe, unlimited logging tool. It even comes equipped with a new Glyph of the Prospector, which grants a 33% chance to receive bonus ores in addition to logs.

Game Update Notes: May 8, 2018

Living World

  • Updated the description of the Endless Olmakhan Tonic to clarify that it transforms characters into an Olmakhan sand elemental.


  • Some of the icons the player can select on the world map or compass have changed. When holding shift and left-clicking, the options are now a red circle (the default), a sword, a shield, a caution sign, and a red X.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Mini Griffon Mount was not properly included in the loot tables on silver and gold reward chests for expert and master griffon adventures.
  • Dive Master Astora has arrived in Lion’s Arch with a proposal for adventurers who are interested in pursuing sunken treasure.
  • Added achievements for sunken chests.